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Published December 09, 2011

I now under stand why a lot people hate Chirstmas and why bad things happen on that day. Being that  a lot of us are broke as a joke (me) but we just have to give out gifts anyways to everyone and there mothers. So we max out are cards that we will in debt to for the rest of your life. Just so people can bitch about there gifts that they will just take back when your not around. Then you have to see a bunch of people you try to stay away from as you set and hear what they think you sould be doing with your life and how much you failed at life as we eat and get even fatter if that is even pssible, hoping we have a stroke. As if it wasn't bad enuff we didn't hang are self before we had to go trew this agian & each year it seems to get even worse than the year before. So you get feel like rapping the tree lights around your neck in frount of everyone to make them feel just a little of your pain before crossing over, but i would never do such a thing, at least not yet. So thats why i just get drunk as sh*t on the Hoilydays and crank up the Sex Pistols holiday in the sun over and over agian untill i pass out drunk to wake up to not remember that day at all. As i hope mybe just mybe one day i can drink myself to death. So yeah merry f*ckin Chirstmas! 


And to all a good blow me!