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January 27, 2014

Are you tired of chasing women? Are you bored of your same Friday and Saturday night routine where you go out to meet girls? Read this article to learn how to stop chasing and start attracting women.

You get to a point in life where you’re tired of going out, trying to “pick up chicks” or “get laid”. You get to this point somewhere in your mid to late 20’s. Maybe earlier, maybe later, but it happens. You get sick of chasing. If you’re at this point right now, then this piece of advice was written just for you.
You’re unhappy because you’re doing something you either don’t enjoy, or that you’re not seeing results from. So the first step is to change what you’re doing. Stop chasing. Stop going out to your usual scenes. Stop whatever you’re doing that’s making you unhappy. Take this break and reevaluate.
Know that what you were doing in the past amounted to chasing. You were chasing women, and hey, maybe you had some successes here and there, but you feel unfullfilled because it’s not satisfying. What you need to learn is how to attract women. How to make them want you and come to you. How to make them think about you, text you, and literally beg for your attention, for your time, for the addictively-good sex that you can give them.
With that said, take a break from chasing and practice these 7 ways to start attracting women:
1. Become known for something, a skill or success
Women are naturally drawn to men who possess at least one useful skill, and have achieved success from using their skills. That skill can be something as basic as being funny or telling compelling stories. It could be a skill like sculpture or drawing. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, find interesting and keeps you curious about learning, go do that thing. Put in the time, energy and effort required to learn that skill, then practice it so that you can become successful at it. When you’re known for that skill or the success you achieved, girls will be attracted to you. The more recognized you are, the better.
2. Stand out, never fit in
When you stand out, girls recognize you and they’re drawn to you. They want to know who you are and why you make them feel like you’re different. When you fit in with the crowd, you become anonymous, just another face among many. When you stand out, the opposite happens: it’s like there’s a glow to your presence and women just want to gravitate towards you. This is what you want. Guys who attract women stand out. Dudes who just fit in, they have to chase and make an effort to approach women. There are many ways to stand out. You can stand out physically by looking more fit, stronger and athletic than most of the other people in the room. You can stand out in the way that you speak, so that people start to move towards you to hear the interesting things you’re saying. You can stand out by knowing the right people in the room, by showing you’re connected to the most powerful around. You can also stand out by being mysterious.
3. Be mysterious
Mysterious behavior only works to a certain extent. The more mysterious you actually are about your private, personal life, the better. If you have to consciously act mysterious, it will not work out as well in your favor, but it’s possible to do. Keep in mind that being mysterious only attracts women who are intrigued by mystery. The more intellectual type of girls who enjoy art and dark humor are the ones who like mysterious guys. Go this route if you like those types of girls. If not, the next tip works all across the board.
4. Be a leader, not a follower
You hear it all the time: “be a leader, not a follower”. There’s a reason why this advice is repeated. Leaders are often happier, more successful and get with better looking women without much effort. Women are naturally attracted to the leader of a group, because they see the leader as the most worthy mate. Leaders are confident. They possess desirable traits such as courage, strength, intelligence, a witty personality, and are responsible for the group’s well-being. These are many of the main qualities a woman looks for, and will be instantly attracted to when they see a man who is a leader. Leaders stand out, followers just fit in.
5. Take calculated risks and win
What women want is simple when you see this picture. Women want leaders, and specifically winners. You can be a leader but still fail spectacularly at something and lose favor with the ladies. Women want winners because they competed, took calculated risks and won. Winning is the outcome of skill and luck. A man who is skillful but unlucky will eventually find more struggle and failure than someone who is skillful but also fortunate. Winning comes with many benefits both material, emotional and psychological. Studies show that winners tend to get such a psychological high from winning that their behavior makes them continue to win, while losers will be so downtrodden they will unconsciously do things that make them continue to lose. Take calculated risks using your smarts and skills to win when luck is on your side.
6. Speak your mind
Everyone has opinions, sure, but when you speak your mind in a confident, persuasive way, women find that attractive. Girls who like smart, opinionated guys will turn their attention to you if you are speaking about something they agree or disagree with. If they agree with you, they will immediately feel a connection because you are expressing ideas and beliefs that they feel. If they disagree with you, there is still the chance that they get turned on by the drama of having to debate you. If you win the argument with women who disagree with you, chances are they will start to feel attraction for you.
7. Be a source of fun and adventure
For those of you who just want to have a good time and enjoy the company of a sexy girl, then you just need to learn how to have fun and be adventurous. Women obviously want to be around fun, adventurous guys who show them a good time. And clearly no one wants to spend time with someone who is boring and not adventurous. Try new things, go on road trips, seek out experiences you haven’t had, and by living an eventful life filled with joy and adventure, you will attract plenty of girls who want to do things with you.
These are the main ways you can start attracting women today, and they all involve ways that you can control your behavior and work on yourself. By now you’ve probably heard a lot of self-improvement tips, but these 7 points are very simple and doable. They will help you along the way on this weird, unexplained journey we call life. Stop chasing, start attracting. You get what you want by being the man who attracts what he wants. From there it’s simply a matter of showing up.
Written by Ben Bien 
This article does not necessarily represent the views of Girls Gone Wild.