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June 23, 2010


Bill Zucker the Poster-boy of social media has been back to his old tricks 
again. Our Paparazzi guy managed to capture photos of 'Wild Billy Z', as he 
left the Four Seasons Hotel at 4am this morning with a mystery blonde female 
passenger - no wonder he had such a big grin on his face.

However, one person who we predict wont be smiling this morning when she 
sees these pictures - current flame and stunningly attractive actress -Lydia 
Cornell, who is on location at the moment shooting a feature with acclaimed 
Director Walt Spielcese

Since Zucker and Cornell appeared together in the 'Kelsey Grammer Bill Zucker 
Comedy Hour' they have been inseparable. Grammer who originally 
played 'Chandler Bing' in TV show 'Friends' had said this when news of Zucker and 
Cornell first broke:

"I find it strange that such a talented and attractive, refined and elegent 
lady with exquisite taste, charm, monumental beauty and sophistication that 
is truly boundaryless...would stoop so low and put Zucker's boxers on her 
head, let alone go out to dinner with him. I don't know how, but he has 
definately brain-washed her"

It will be the second time in the space of a month that Cornell has had to 
endure public scrutiny of her private life. You might recall -  that a few 
weeks ago, we revealed that Shannon Lee Tweed partner of Kiss 'Rocker Gene 
Simmons, and Cornell had exchanged some very heated words when they had bumped 
into each at a fundraiser held at the Beverley Hills Polo Club. Tweed had 
become very angry as Cornell had turned up wearing an identical pair of 
boxer shorts on her head.

Gene Simmons had used his powerful Hollywood connections to secure the 
limited edition pair of diamond encrusted  pair of 'BZ Warrior Signature' 
boxers as a present for Tweed, but hadn't been told that Cornell would be 
likely to have a pair as well. When Cornell verbally retaliated, and within 
seconds, both women were on the floor trying to pull the boxers off each 
others head. The sparring duo had to be prised apart by Security after Billionaire and 
wannabe-toilet paper Tycoon, Donald Trump complained to the organizers.

We have not been allowed to print the full picture of the mystery woman due 
to an injunction being taken out this morning by Zucker's legal team after 
we asked him for a statement. He is currently on his boat in the middle of 
the Bermuda Triangle and due to fly to New York next week for the Global 
Toilet Paper Summit being held by the G12 Countries to try and secure new 
reserves of toilet paper from him to replenish the diminishing supplies 
across the world.

Donald Trump was unavailable for comment as he was in 'hair and make-up' for 
filming, Tweed and Simmons have left the Country and would not respond to 
our tweets and Kelsey Grammer is appearing in La Cage 
Aux Folles on Broadway and trying to keep a low profile, now that another 
story on Zucker has broken

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