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December 14, 2008


A long time ago, on the sea often said to me rainbow. The central idea of the rainbow is nothing more than life really hard, bitter gourd is also suffering. A long time, my mind there is a shadow of the rainbow, tall, beautiful, or perhaps a woman of great character.
Sea is my comrade-in-arms, no words about my friend. Kashi in the army for more than eight years, I together with the sea of time alone add up to almost seven years. I have often said with a smile on the sea, when you retired, I would not have come close to trouble me. This time, the sea is always a cynical way, cut, Shui Xihan with you. I know that the sea is a joke, because we are friends. Of course, the troops should be called comrade-in-arms, but I think I better call his brother to come forward and told brothers, our relationship appears to be enough iron.
Sea often said with emotion, either you help me once that I can follow you to give up hope collapse? Sea is right in saying the truth. When the sea of new recruits that year, I was already the second year of a corporal squad leader. There are times the organization troops to Kekeya field survival training, go to pot, light a fire to cook, but also erected a tent, sea, he was assigned to the squad on duty to the Peak. Sea would have a good point guard, I do not know how rolling down the mountain had to. Fortunately, the mountain is not high, but the sea or fracture of the leg, with the exception In addition, his hands on his face arms have been found at various places in the hands of 56-style rifles and long hill in the Xixishushu were scraped off the sparsifolia Blood. Sea rolling hills Nobody knows, he would own one in Waterloo, col feeling the pain of his leg looked at the blue sky in the distance in a daze. I do not know sea to save him, I do not know that he will be away from getting closer. I did not have time to meet him, but that moment of the day my bladder suddenly Zhangde hard for me to take days, perhaps it is because of the heat more water. I leave to the platoon leader, dropped by the busy hands of the combat readiness of the shovel, while Song Kudai to the far side of the run col.
Just went to the entrance of the col, I am impatient to stop their fellow took out the dry desert towards chaos on the water for a while. The mother, in the Gobi Desert on both uric so special. I looked at his body from the discharge of nitrogen containing liquid line of instant disappeared in the saline-alkali soil, can not help but feel a sense of Automobiles at Full. As I looked up to the pants, I suddenly saw on the back not far from the sea sitting col. Dogs - Japan - and you - sounds - a? I waved side while he directed at a distance of the call. Classes - a long, I have legs - a fracture! Go - can not - the road! I said aloud to the sea. He heard that the fracture, I Erhuameishuo, brought his pants to go to North Korea. Sea ultimate salvation, and I back out of the sea to him that the very air of regret col. Then, the sea Fengren Bian said that I was his Jiumingenren. I let him in the presence of so many people when he can be impartial, he, perhaps, I can see the sea, he became the only trustworthy.
Sea told me that this woman, eyes are always full of expectations, there may be more unstable elements in the inside. Sea that year round, this should be the age of the youth of the most frequent germinating season, as a group in the summer season of the pond frog every night must be born thrown together, and the sea is just one of the restless Guy.
Sea has his own first love, but from the sea front, I do not want to bring them in, even if we do not talk about the brothers. All I know is that, in his first love of the sea to force the army shortly after relentless abandon the sea with three years to maintain the feeling. Therefore, only the sea of hatred of the woman buried in the bottom of my heart, no one open.
But the sea is willing to tell me that rainbow, the beautiful sea so often to see the dreams of a married woman.

At that time, the yard was a sea of ordinary health worker. Troops in the hospital, such as the Sea of many health worker, so the total sea, he told me that I did not fortunate to play on the computer, but also be able to enter the yard of the authorities, nothing happen often in front of the leading rock, More scenery! In fact, I do not understand the situation of the sea. I would not be a compliment and curry favor with the leadership, there are a number of times, I feel that they are in an environment more dangerous. Since I will not curry favor with the leadership, even though I own positions work diligently for years, still has not been too great reward. This is life, there have been times, many will lose the inevitable. I do not care about them, as I usually look forward to the heart in front of all the things, not about Shuishui Shuishui meritorious service to dry. I only met these years, in my spare time to fill in a variety of useful things, such as I have gained self-study a university degree, for example, in my own words Writing in the various human Xinu Funeral music.
You write about it this woman, this woman is really hard. Sea nothing like I always nagging him about this.
Let me see her again, let me see, how to write? Xiabian it? Furthermore, listening to his words and deeds, I only met with her to give me the visual impression, will write up some of the Shun, is not it? I deliberately so, said jokingly to the sea. Sea has seriously. I only remember that in one afternoon in mid-June, a strange woman on the way to beating Guangguang my office door.
Come in! I should be a loud no one inside. After a few seconds, the door of my office and started being a little out together. I got busy to open the door, I would like to be afraid of their superiors to check the work.
The moment the door opened, a perfume of violets flavor straight to my nostrils. I am a rise of a woman's figure in my pupil, it gradually enlarged. Keep an ear that the Guoqi short hair lady is the flavor of a woman, I just laugh shallow, do not use standard Mandarin, Sichuan, I asked Lee is not a leader? I said yes. The woman laughed and smiled when a woman from the arm of the briefcase out of a medical history, said to be able to help him and I hope that the next copy. Indian troops of the text does not allow room is free to copy parts of the East and West, but to see this woman make people laugh so exciting, I agreed. Copies of medical records is not a long process, playing with the copier when I was secretly by Yu size up the woman beside him. She was wearing the day of a professional suit, white shirt and light blue skirt will be one meter tall and 60 of the Fit as a foil to the right. 1 m 60 I was the visual, visual, I have never been a mistake, even a margin of error, plus or minus I believe that will not be more than 5 mm. A woman will dress up their own, must be a woman's life. This is what I read in many articles, I think this is also a woman must be a woman's life. Indian woman the other day to leave the text of the room, I inadvertently also do not see her left breast of a small blue sign that read "× × insurance companies".