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October 03, 2011

A mathematical formula for the standard Facebook joke has been discovered using an alogrithm.

I recently ran an algorithm on all the Facebook posts in the world and came up with a formula for the typical Facebook joke.

 It’s going to be published in Commedia Scientifica next month but I’m going to share it with you here today because quite frankly if it wasn’t for Funny or Die, I would still be alive.


So I’m writng on the blackboard now.  C=X/Y x  Z  where C is “chuckles” and X is “contemporary reference” divided by Y or “timeliness,” multiplied by Z: “Zinger” or personal spin.


With this formula you can take anything from the culture: Snooki, Ben Roethelsberger, the collapse of the Red Sox, Dr Conrad Murray. . . .too soon?  I agree.


You divide that by how fresh your reference is in days and multiply that by your spin, your zinger.  This determines the size your chuckle. 


Tomorrow we’ll talk about the chuckle and how important it is to have a good one.