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Published November 16, 2010

On Tuesday in New York, Kim Kardashian celebrated the launch of the Kardashian pre-paid credit card for teenagers…at a lavish party with go-go dancers and $15 cocktails.

From ABCNews.com:

Kim and her sisters teamed with MasterCard to create a prepaid credit card for teens as young as 16 years old. The card allows parents to put a predetermined amount of money on the card, then track their teens’ spending habits via cell phone.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Your 16-year-old daughter getting in the habit of using a credit card promoted by a woman who spends $30000 on purses.  And you can track their spending using your mobile phone, which you can also use to download the Kim Kardashian-Ray J sex tape.

This kind of shit makes me so mad.  So much so I’m considering signing up for the Mel Gibson Anger Management Course.  It’s in the same building as the Keanu Reeves Actors Studio.

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