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June 22, 2016

This Southern starlet calls her grandmother "Gitmo" and her grandfather "Bumpy." Cute!

Grandparents; we all have them. Even celebrities have them. And like us lowly norms, these celebs have funny and original names for their parents’ parents. Think you’re the only one who calls your grandmother ‘Mrs. Dad Mom?, well you might just want to scroll down and see who gets sent $5 bills on their birthday by Mr. Dad Mom, too.

Reese Witherspoon


This Southern starlet calls her grandmother Gitmo and her grandfather Bumpy. Cute!

Denzel Washington


An internationally acclaimed actor, Denzel Washington lovingly called his grandmother Mrs. Dad Mom until he was 39 years old.



Do you know what Fergie calls her G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S gram? Gergie!

Michael Jordan


Think that Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T? Think again! This all star calls his maternal grandfather G.O.A.T, GRANDFATHER OF ALL TIME! Swish!

The Property Brothers

prop bros.jpg

While no one knows the names of The Property Brothers themselves, you’ll love what those real estate sibs call their grandparents: The Property Grandparents!




Each Kardashian is like a snowflake. They might look identical from far away, but up close you can tell they all call their grandmother different names! For Khloe, it’s Grams. Kim prefers Meemaw. Kourtney uses Gran Gran. Kylie keeps is simple and says Grandma K. Kendall straight up calls her Karen. And dumbass Rob calls his grandma Carol.

Kelly Ripa

kelly ripa.jpg

Kelly Ripa calls both of her grandparents Regis!

Dennis Rodman


Hoopster hipster Dennis Rodman refers to his grandfather Kim Jong-Un.

James Franco

james franco.jpg

A modern day Renaissance man James Franco likes to include his grandparents in his work. He calls them art projects.

The Olsen Twins

mk and ashley.jpg

Double trouble! The adorable twins who won over our hearts as Michelle Tanner in the 90’s refer to their grandparents as old motherfuckers. We love it!

Jaden Smith

jaden .jpg

This moon chyld prefers calling his grandfather VT**Jl+>>~~!!O and says his grandmother is the mist that surrounds the lavender fields when the Harvest Moon ascends. Uhm, that’s adorable!