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August 22, 2009


I see today that I have been branded the 100th "most talkative schmuck," on this site. It doesn't actually say, "schmuck," but I'm sure it's implied...at least in my case. Well. I guess I now must do what any self-respecting "M.T.S." must do - start a blog, right? Ooh. Is blog supposed to be capitalized? I'm such a Noob! ...Blog...BLOG...BlOg...bLoG...BLog...BLOg...ah...who cares. For my first Bologna entry, I'm going to get a bit political before I will be able to comfortably sink into self absorption and tell you about all of my favorite things, the people I despise, the white hair I noticed this morning on my...and other boring musings that I will undoubtedly think are genius insights into the human condition then expect you feel the same, and get all pissy and indignant when you muthafuckas don't. There'll be time for all of that later... NOW My fellow caption addicts: WHAT'S UP WITH THE PRE-DAWN PICTURE POSTINGS?! DOES ANYONE PREFER THIS TO THE LATE NIGHT POSTINGS? LET'S HEAR IT: