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January 06, 2010


 So,  in case you didn't know, "The Cleveland Show" is up for "Favorite New TV Comedy"  on the People's Choice Awards  tonight.  It really should be called, "The People with Fast Internet Connections and No Life Awards" because those are the folks who are going to be determining the winners.  But that would be a mouthful to say, and the stupid show's been going by the same name for over 30 years, so I get why they never changed its name.  Laziness.

Now I know most of us here have pitifully slow internet connections, archaic computers that run on diesel or hamster sweat, and have lives so glorious that Heaven's considering closing up shop for good.  I feel everyone nodding. Terrific!
Because that is why I implore you - right now from where ever you are reading this - 
 to TAKE BACK the PEOPLE'S CHOICE and make it truly OUR CHOICE by voting for the Cleveland Show TODAY!

And don't worry about not liking the Cleveland Show. The competition is worse. (except for GLEE, but one could argue it's more of a "musical dramedy," for which there currently is no category for, and hopefully will never be, because I CAN'T STAND MUSICALS! )

Also, for the skeptics, and cynics, and paranoid conspiracy theorists among us - I do acknowledge that if you take me up on this request, your vote will most likely be representing "Jeff's Choice," and not necessarily your own.  But does it give you solace knowing that in reality, "Jeff's Choice," is actually, "His Executive Producer's Choice?"  and they're really great guys?  No?  Look, If this makes you uncomfortable,  I understand completely and I recommend that you either not vote, or vote for another show.  Leaves you kinda in a predicament, doesn't it? 

For those of us who want to be part of something BIG - Something that will change the world - Get out there and DO IT already - You're a SUPERSTAR!

The rest of us can vote up until 6pm Pacific.

<!--StartFragment-->http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/votenow.jsp?pollId=900030 <!--EndFragment-->
Yours Truly,

Jeff P