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May 24, 2013

Despite the delectable array of Mexican goodness Taco Bell is famous for, it’s even more famous for causing epic poop sessions.

Step 1: Excitement- You’ve decided to “run for the border”

Step 2: Nervousness- So many options… oh so many options.

Step 3: Anticipation- Waiting in line at the Drive-Thru

Step 4: Rush- Driving home with your food as fast as your can

Step 5: Relief- That moment you finally arrive home

Step 6: Ecstasy- You are now consuming the TB goodness

Step 7: Content- The wonderful moment after you have finished your meal

Step 8: Worry- The moment you start to feel rather uneasy inside

Step 9: Panic- You need a toilet. Like. Now.

Step 10: Pain & Embarrassment- I think we all know where I’m going with this one.

Step 11: Remorse- You try to make your peace with God for mercy

Step 12: Hunger- Now that your stomach is completely void of substance… you’re ready to eat again

More Taco Bell anyone?