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July 01, 2018

What on earth is chocolate peanut butter pie ? How have I never heard of this concoction before ? Leave it to OREO to introduce it to me with their CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE OREO cookies. I ordered them off ebay as im not sure if well even get them in Canada or not. These are the normal sized OREO cookies with GRAHAM FLAVOURED COOKIES. The amount of the cream in these is almost like a DOUBLE STUF OREO. Half the cream is dark brown chocolate and the other half is beige peanut butter. As soon as I opened up the bag it smelled like candied peanut butter and not much of cocoa. The cream smells pretty much just of candied peanut butter and not really any cocoa scent at all. The cream on its own , the chocolate portion tastes of cocoa but a weak flavour. The peanut butter part of the cream has a stronger flavour and a very minimal salty flavour. The texture of the peanut butter cream seems to be slightly more chewy than the cocoa part of the cream. The peanut butter cream tastes like candied peanut butter. Both parts of the cream together just tastes like candied peanut butter and almost not at all of cocoa or chocolate. The graham biscuits on their own are delicious. The whole OREO cookie tastes like graham cracker cookies with candied peanut butter and not at all of chocolate. Tasty cookies but unfortunately a non existent chocolate flavour.