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Published March 24, 2011 More Info »

Well since you asked me all nice like my good people of Funny or Die i'm going to go with the one and only bada*s herself Venus ( the lady that pumps the blood into my penis ) Williams of the oldest sister of the Williams sisters. 

Now my abc's to why i would so make the sweetest of love to this young sexy sports superstar. 

A. She Game ( so you know for a fact right there is can f*ck like a champ! )

B. She is Rich and Famous with a super phat ass! 

C. Because as any white man will tell once you black in the sack you don't ever want come back baby. "Only when you have had sex with a chick this hot can others truly that you died a happy man." 

A + B + C =  The Boner of a Life Time Award. 

P.S: Your sister is also hot as all hell and then some for sure! 

So hit me up Anytime sexy ladies };={O] because am down for what ever.