New Aged Girl ( Hello my name is D.D.S. Jacoby Jacobson an i've got a new age girl an am going to tell you what she's like.  She works as an Environmentalist for a living , an in her free time she makes crystal necklaces. An her vibes are rather reckless , As her flowing skirt is blowing in a transcendental wind she wonders with knowing , where did we being ? Her name is Mary Moon an she is a vegetarian who will outlive all the septuagenarians. Marry Moon oh she love me so and she hates to be alone. She don't eat meat but she sure likes to bone. She drives a Electric car but it never gets her very far ( so why doesn't  she bike it ? )But it gets her to where she's going. i don't know, I just don't know where that is but i wish i knew. i don't know where she's going and I don't know where she's been. All I know that lovin' her has got to be a sin. Mary Moon, will you hesitate. Don't segregate your thoughts from your emotions Marry Moon because i know your devotion isn't way up high. Mary Moon, she's an intellectual Mary Moon, despite that fact remains quite sexual. Oh, Mary Moon She's the one for me, me oh yeah bay bay ! ) 

Staring : 

Renne Humphrey As Marry Moon ( She works as an environmental planner. ) 

David Faustino As Jacoby Jacobson ( His a Doctor of Dental Surgery , yes he has his Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree. ) 

Them Song : New Aged Girl By Deadeye Dick 

Rated T.V. MA.