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February 13, 2010


furniture coffee tables

furniture coffee tables

As Decor Writers we see things from a unique perspective. And of course as you know anyone in any industry picks up tips & tricks about their industry unless they walk around like an old plow horse with blinders on. Just as I’m sure that you know a thing or two about the industry that you’re in or if you’re a full time mom then you know the tricks of how to do 25 furniture coffee tables at one time, well we too pick up little tidbits and now we would like to share a few with you.

Your Furniture Coffee Tables Tips.

1. Be sure to 1st ask what type of a surface you will be putting your coffee table on. If it’s a carpet then be sure the feet are wide and flat enough so that you don’t eventually put cut marks or even holes into your carpeting. There is always vibration in a home, you have music, TV, home theatre, big trucks outside and even thunder and lightning. If your bedroom furniture beds feet are too narrow or even sharp then they can eventually vibrate right through your expensive carpeting.

2. If you’re putting the coffee table on a tile or hardwood floor then for heaven’s sake don’t get feet with rollers on them. Or every time you so much as touch the table it may be just enough to move it and if you really bump into it, it could go flying. For tile and wood floors we feel medium width to wide soft rubber non slip feet and or feet pads are the best. You will likely prevent scratching you floor and you furniture bedroom furniture won’t take off like a go cart just because someone bumped it.

3. If you have children then one thing you should definitely consider are the corners. Pointed corners on hard wood or especially with metal coffee tables as you know can pose a serious risk to the safety and well being of small children. In this case you could use a relatively inexpensive round beds headboards for a while or maybe consider some serious Doctor approved corner pads. Either way our view is safety before beauty. Be sure to take all needed precautions for your children if this happens to be your situation.

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