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May 25, 2014

(READ IN A GOSSIPY VOICE) One time, a local performer was able to get a friend to come out and support and you'll never believe what happened

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What many open micers think they see when there is more than 5 non-comedians in crowd

OMAHA, NEBRASKA- There was an unexpected turn of events at Monday’s open mic comedy night at the Legend’s Comics and Coffee Café when a comedian’s friend, Chelsea Farrell, decided to support a local show.

Witness and patron, bartender Doug Sky, said there was a noticeable shift in attitude among the comedians. The comics were smiling and not drinking their sorrows away.

“I have liked my friend Chris’ Facebook statuses about doing stand up for about six months now. I said to myself, ‘what the hell!’ I’m going to see what this is all about” Farrell said, mentioning that she was already going to go out with her friends Monday night. “We each had a couple drinks, sat in the front, and actually enjoyed ourselves!”

Farrell’s friend, Molly White, commented: “There were a couple comedians who referred to ladies as the ‘B’ word one too many times, but overall it was a very entertaining night for us.”

We had the opportunity to speak to some late night Omaha pedestrians about what it would take for them to check out a local comedy show.Here are some answers we heard:

“I would like to see a YouTube video of the performers beforehand and know that they are Ralphie May quality funny.” – Mike Conrad, 28

“I was at a bar during an open mic once and it was okay. One guy made me smile with his word play, but I covered my mouth so he wouldn’t see it and feel uncomfortable.”– Ducky Waters, 35

“Free beer and I might go.” – Tyler Jones, “will be 21 in like soon-ish”.

“I might go support a friend if, like, he has been given a Comedy Central special or late night appearance, then does, like, a show for free.” –Jamal Jefferson, 24

“I’M FUNNIER THAN ANY OF DEM FOOLS” – walked away in hurry when asked about name

When informed what the people on the street said, comedian Kegan Lott was shocked. “Shoot! They want us to be funny? Man, that’s a crazy request. But hey, we can try it, I guess.” It is evident Kegan is taking the people’s input to heart as he and his friends have officially announced their new weekly show, THIS SHOW IS FREE. PLEASE ENJOY A DRINK AND SUPPORT LOCAL ESTABLISHMENTS AND COMEDY. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE MAY LEAD TO A FUNNY SHOW-show,which will be held every other Tuesday night.

Kegan and other comics are very grateful that Farrell has started a dialogue that reveals what people want: that their comedians be comedians. When asked if she and her friends would be coming out for more local laughs, she added: “Maybe?”