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Published: May 14, 2013
Description: Still rocking those murky New Balances? Sorry, bro. That’s not gonna cut it.

   1. Super awesome CD player Sneaker Bro!

Are the earphones and ipod not doing it for you anymore? No worries bro. Get you some of these bomb cd player sneakers. You’ll be the talk of the freakin town.


2. Inner Child Sneakers Bro!!

Yeah I’m eating some freakin cookies bro! Cookie monster is my hommie, and now your hommie, cuz I’m wearing these freakin sneakers everywhere bro!


3. Murica sneakers bro!

Show your respect for the freakin red, the freakin white, and the freakin blue in these Murica sneakers! That’s right there’s a mother freakin battleship on my freakin feet bro! DO YOU EVEN LIFT?!