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March 23, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #34

Introducing: Anchors Away! With Captain Hook and HIs Pirate Crew.
(I've released the Kracken!)

* Best Psychic Insight Into What Shall Soon Come To Pass:
[ Note to Admiral mellowpuma.: Of COURSE you should’ve used this to trigger another “My Mighty Sea Captain” onslaught. ]

11. The captain needs to learn how to pull out his hook now and again.

10. Some of those Party Mamas on Slice will stop at nothing.

9. They sing about all their favorite ports of call--San Francisco, Key West, New Orleans, Greenwich Village, Fire Island, and Provincetown.

8. Arrrg! You'll never get our tuna out of your head!

7. "Anchors Away" is a euphemism for "scar your children's psyches"

6.5.  The Captains wife stopped having a kid every year after she got her new fangled hearing aids, before that every time he asked her "So Matey, you wanna go to sleep or what?" she had answered "WHAT?!"
(By Kooldad - nominated for Best Original Joke Adaption for a Pirate Oriented Pictorial or Film)

6. "Arrrrrrrgghhh, That's a fine act ye have there me Heartys! What be it called!" "Aye Matey, it is.. and we be called - the ARRRrrrrr-ISTOCRATS!"

5. I was trawling for a beautiful booty in fishnets,why I was wearing fishnets is none of your business

4. Somalians aren't as tough as the media makes them out to be.

3.5 Later, Dad plans to plunder Mom’s booty. Then, they’ll probably butt-fuck.

3. 5 ropes, 5 cinder-blocks, 1 happy Captain.

2. It's not domestic violence if you're in costume.

1.75. He's known as Captain hook because of the curve in his___________?
a. blunderbuss
b. cutlass
c. belayin' pin
d. cock

1. How'd Junior get his eye patch, ye ask? Well, let's just say I anchored in yon wenches port of call well into the third trimester.