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December 16, 2009


Horrible or Horror Able? Contest
9. "Petting should be band at school- and the courtyard"

But wear a cindom, darn it!

(But what about me?)
-jbmcpart (needs a turtleneck and a beatnik bongo drum roll, far out baby, crazy)
8. Sad - doesn't even know she's getting ducked from behind.
7. Aah, petit l'orange, foie gras, and peking! Yes Ms. Duck, I would love to adopt your babies!
6. OOOOOH! They will be perfect with fava beans and a nice chianti.
5. She's just going to spend it on quack, anyway.
4. That's the easy part. The trick is to dump at least 16 fl. oz. of duck poop in the bag. (Up top for horrible! Yeah!)
3. Now I can get that surgery, I'm tired of sounding like Gilbert Godfrey.
2. What ?? I'm just putting it on my bill.
1. I told you not to take a shortcut through the duck block