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October 06, 2008


by Donna-Jo Thorndale and Shira Piven

Notes on yesterday's blog: Way more soap-boxing than we're used to.  Used cursing to incite outrage (more suck-on-your-cut metal-flavored than Chiclets flavored).
Overall good first swing. 

Notes for today's blog:  Keep it tight. Don't get too obscure. Women's-magazine-from-the-1950's it up with some simple Palin lists.

Sarah Palin's Lists of Five

5 people, living or dead, that Sarah Palin would invite to a dinner party:

--Charlton Heston
--Dr. Laura
--The Power Puff Girls
--Kim Jong-il
--David Koresh

5 literary works Sarah Palin has never read:

--"A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton" Carl Bernstein
--"Steal this Book" Abbie Hoffman
--Our Bodies, Our Selves" The Boston Women's Health Collective
--“The Seven Spiritual Laws” Deepak Chopra
--"A Doll's House" Henrick Ibsen

5 fictional fictions Sarah Palin has never read:

--"Unemployment Among Ice Fisherman" Joseph K'eyghashutnu
--"Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves: Lesbian and Transgender Empowerment" Angela “Angel” Brite
--" It's your Choice: A Liberated Woman's Journey" Dr. Shoshanna White-Mendez
--"Randi Rhodes" by Randi Rhodes
--"I Gave Up My Guns: one Man's Search For a Peaceful Existence" Davey McCrudden

5 things Sarah Palin can't live without:

--Lip Liner
--The "Thrill of the Kill"
--Pumpin' and Drillin'

5 things Sarah Palin will never hunt for:

--The Constitution
--A Smart Pants Suit
--Her Library Card (oh, wait....she doesn't HAVE one)
--The Wasilla branch of Planned Parenthood (oh, wait...there ISN'T one)