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Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia go on that show The Test to find out if Dark Vader is really Luke Skywalkers Dad and they find out that his the dad of both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia who just so happen to be dating each other right now. An can have Dark Vader say sh*t like if there my kids why ain't they black or on the dark side a ! Because dem ain't my kids man ! Hell am gay so them f*ckers can't be mine ! and what not kind of sh*t like that you dig. Star wars meets the test you dig.

butthole surfing with the butthole surfers. "That is when you stick a surfbord into your butt in the hit the waves bro !"

The American Wolves Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards from R.O.H pro wrestling tell the story of who they where raised by Wolves. Flash Back ! (sidenote the W.W.E. needs the American Wolves flat out.  Just saying.)

Sexing 101 with your teen daugthers best friend. For all you divorced single ladies out there um k boo !

How i meet your father pilot ep. 3 chicks 2 dudes this time and there living out in L.A on this one all as single people in there 20's. Sara Ray, Tammy Fish, Carry Moore, Danny Johnson, Alex Hamm and they are all are want to be big time actors and actresses living together in the house. Boom new FOD show on dat ass b*tch !

White Woman vs Black Woman vs Asian Woman Vs Latin Woman in a dance off. Am talking breakdaning on the streets son !

Demons on the football field. "you know like angels in the outfield but with Demon in a football game."

Ask Dr. Stupid ( aka ask Stimpy bring that back FOD. )

Drunk guy vs Stone Guy debate.  ( A classic Presidential debate. ) .

A homeless clothing fashion show. Bums on the cat walk.

David Spade mud wrestling a pack out hot chicks.


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