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November 10, 2010

OK, I admit it. I love women. I mean I really love them. I love everything about them. But especially the women I find in Playboy. They are a special breed.

OK, I admit it.  I love women.  I mean I really love them. I love everything about them.  But especially the Playboy Playmates I find in Playboy.  They are a special breed.  Sexy and exquisite.  The epitome of youthfulness at its highest pinnacle.  My favorite website is TicketsToTheMansion.com, because they have a section dedicated to the Women of Playboy, and it is packed full of the incredible Playboy women.

Today my favorite is in the Fresh Faces section.  I am gazing at the alluring Amber Hay.  She has a “come hither if you dare” expression on her face, mixed with her youthful innocence.  The combination sets me on fire.  She’s blonde and did not have a boob job, so her breasts are natural and beg to be touched.

When you click on the “see more” button, you get a short video of her, and she is truly a sensual woman with an incredible ass.  Amber baby, I’m all yours.  Move your body for me some more.  Yeah, just like that… mmmmm….