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October 29, 2008


.........I actually had to work so much, that it took until 1PM to log on to FOD....

Actually... I still have things I could be doing... but they aren't time dependant, so fork them. Fork them all.

As most of you, my dear friends, already know, I not much of a complainer (coughBULLSHITcough).... but I'm really not feeling too hot today, so f#ck it.

"One of those days" just doesn't cut it. Between completely unpredictable traffic issues this morning, an hour and a half roud robin arguement with idiotic vendors, asnine client issues, and the dumpster being too full to fit the mound of trash our recent shipment left us with, my morning was spent with far too much thinking required for the amount of coffee ingested...

Not to mention, I woke up feeling like the south facing end of a northbound dog. For no good reason. I didn't get to bed late, I didn't get ass-faced hammered... I went home after work, had dinner, saw what FOD looked like at 10PM eastern time, went to bed. That's it.... WTF is up with the head/stomach ache I woke up too??? I think i need to see a doctor, witchdoctor or otherwise.....

Well, anyways, thank you for wading through the deep channels of self pity... Have a great day, and....


Happy Halloween!!

- Kenny G.