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July 01, 2009


Hi there.

This is the inaugural blog from your friend here at Tyghtrope.
"Who is Tyghtrope?" you ask? Exactly.

We're not much right now, I get it:

We're not Judd Apatow funny.

We're not Farrell/McKay funny.

We're not Jake Szymanski/Bob Turton funny.

We're not "The Lonely Island" musically funny.

We're not cute internet cat video funny.

We are at least Dennis Haysbert in Allstate commercial funny, and we're certain that we're above Sham-Wow host funny, and we get beat up by fewer hookers. So we at least have that.

But we're looking to change that, and in a big way.
No, not getting beat up by more hookers, I mean change our level of notoriety:

 By adding our first comedy short film onto the pile of 12 billion here on Funny or Die, we're making our mark in the realm of comedy with a very, very tiny splash. Rain in the ocean small.

You may have seen our #1/Only 1 "hit" video "Meet and G.R.E.E.T."

If you haven't, I kindly ask you check it out and give some feedback. In exchange, we've made a promise here at Tyghtrope not to spam our video links onto the comments of every short film made by the FoD staff or celebrity video to try and drum up views. We made that promise because we have to keep our integrity so we can sell it for a higher price down the road, and all that cutting and pasting makes us seem even more desperate than we want to be seen at this point. Not that we aren't.

We could give you some bullshit about customer satisfaction, but when was the last time you fell for that garbage?

The style of comedy Tyghtrope plans to present will focus on satire, and deadpan delivery of ridiculous situations. But don't worry, loyal fans. Both of you. One of which is myself, but it still counts because it raises the digit on the 'fan counter':

We will still have short films with ball shots, sex jokes, inappropriate insults to people during the worst times in their lives, and acronyms. Lots and lots of sexy acronyms. We'll just try to give it a little style all our own, by not yelling into the camera, by giving you the illusion of production values where there are none, and by using a piece of technology known as a 'tripod' for our 'camera boxes'.

Coming soon, we plan to bring you a blind date between a vampire and a vampire-fantasy fangirl.

We plan to bring you the GI Joe Public Service Announcements that never aired. The ones made for adults on adult topics.

We also plan on unleashing a parody of Mssrs. Szymanski and Turton's "High Five" series that dares to go where no other parody of that series has gone before: into the realm of actual comedy. That's right, we'll try to be funny, on purpose, in way that may actually cause both you *and* ourselves to laugh in enjoyment. I don't need small print to warn that it might fall flat, but at least we still won't spam the FoD/celebrity made videos with the link to it.

We hope you will enjoy these efforts and more, and enjoy them enough to stop by our part of FoD regularly. But if it doesn't, it's alright. I know those internet cat videos take time to get through, and are precious and funny in a way we could never be.

Thank you for your time. Here's to a new height in mediocrity never before seen! Meow!

Let the Shames Begin!