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July 29, 2009


I was so fucking excited to be at the THRASH AND BURN TOUR 2009.I'm staying in front of the Rialto theatre since 3:45 pm, thinking at the doors are going to open at 4 o'clock like they said on the tickets. Silly fucking rabbit, Tricks are for kids with bad-ass rotting teeth, gingivitis and stinky-ass breath. Rock shows are always late; nowhere as late as back in ole New Orleans. The line was already forty people long when I got there and 20 kids behind me. It's about 105 to 110 degrees in the shade and no there muthafucking shade and everybody including yours truly is wearing black. All the no-metal suburban fucking morons are watching us in a gigantic police line-up or gawking at like we're some weird fucking wildfire exhibitions. No we ain't aliens from other planet from some fucked-up galaxy light years away. We're from the same fucked-up blue marble ball of shit in the space like you. Just with different musical taste, intelligence and a different prospective of the confusing maze we call Life on Earth. I'm old enough to be the father of most of these kids. And, shit, who knows back in my drunken-crazed, drug-laden haze daze, I probably did fuck some of these kid's mothers! Spawning a bastard metal-head, hardcore punk, deathcore generation head along into the Apocalypse. I'm wearing a Carnifex T-shirt and the kid next to me is wearing another Carnifex T-shirt with lucky a different design on it. Some shithead poser wearing Slayer T-shirt not to alarm the natives, but I can distinct smell the fowl stench of wannabe, ball-lessly, wet pussy,(not in a good sense),sour douche bags. I'm 44 years old and from New Orleans. I am very familiar with the smell of horseshit.And, you don't have to walk down Decatur Street pass Jackson Square where the horse carriages .It's all around the swamp backwaters of Louisiana. Mr. Arizona Assface thinks he's Slick Rick out of parole with his video cam. Fuck you, Martin Scorsese sycophant. I turned my head down with my baseball cap masking some my facial features, facing toward the wall and pretending I'm scratching my head with one middle finger extended in fucking off mode. Something used to a lot of when I was the ripe old age of 14, except I'm 44 and not drunk off my ass! Look here, Penelope. I decline to take part of your version of The Decline Of Western Civilization part 3.If I see that shit on YouTube,I would like turn you into a prison bitch,(AGAIN,NOT A GOOD SENSE).I know Andy Warhol said everybody will get their 15 minutes of fame; but I feel should have some say. Otherwise, it's just another Orwellian wet dream where Big Brother and/or Corporate America, got you in the back room like Pulp Fiction with a red rubber ball strapped to your mouth; preparing to get gangbanged,(FUCKED ,no drive-bys) in the ass, again.