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Published: November 12, 2009
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Top Ten Reasons Why ABC's "Eastwick" Failed!

10. Men not comfortable watching show starring three transsexuals.

9. Target Demographic doesn't know what a TV is.

8. Show lacked a strong ambiguously gay Mr.Belvedere-type character.

7. Success of original movie due to cultural obsession with big hair.

6. Glen Beck gave it two big thumbs up.

5. It wasn't titled "Bitches Of Eastwick."

4. Not enough watercooler buzz in the Wiccan community

3. Zany subplot involving ghost of Eva Braun just never took off.

2. It's not the 1980s .. and not enough bloodletting.

1. Jay Leno is just too damn sexy

(Writen by AR/Wordswritenow)
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