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January 17, 2009


Hairlesspet Says:

My thanks to our host for such discerning taste in potty humor! The contest was a tough one, considering the epic nature of the image, and there were some fantastic entries.
That being said, I will now rank you in order of fantasticity...

jimbobalouie comes in at a close third with his fantastic description of Mr. Sullenberg's very large, and probably solid steel, genetalia. Bravo sir, well played.

westsideslant lands at second with the question that everyone knows the answer to: the entire nation...or his wife...awesome haiku

and coming in at first is MacSpruce with his delightful hommage to James Taylor: no pieces on the ground this time death, you slimy bastard. Haikus on me MacSpruce!

Alright, MacSpruce. You're running the show. I'd congratulate you in person, but I'm stuck at this light.