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April 26, 2011

CL ad for Terminator job & 23 responses

From: http://mylifeoncraigslist.wordpress.com

Wanted: Terminator

jobs > et cetera jobs

That was epic

Nice posting


SIGN ME UP! But didn’t judgement day happen earlier this month?


hello I saw your listing on craigslist I am very interested my name is XXXX if you can give me a call at XXXXXXX.







When would you like the person to start?

And would I need a passport from XXX to LA?

I would like to be considered for the position.

Thank you,



My name is XXXX. I am 19 years old. I noticed your craigslist ad

about the terminator position and I was interested in it. I am very hard

worker, very dependable, technology literate, friendly, able to follow directions, and handle myself under pressure.

I am definitely organized and an excellent communicator and multi-tasker. I am

able to start A.S.A.P. and you can contact me either threw this email, or

calling my cell phone anytime at XXXXXXX. Thank You and have a Great Day!


is this a paying job

Could you tell me more about this Terminator thing. Thanks


Fw: seeing about job on craigslist

hi, i am sending you all my resume for the job you all posted on craigslist thanks


Is there a per diem?


I will do the job as long as you give me your clothes, boots, and your motorcycle.


Hiring: Terminator ? I’m your man.

I am a part time Terminator, and a full time hassle wrangler.

I’m ready for action…

How may I be of service to you?


That was good, thanks for the laughJ





I’m inquiring about skynet.


It is nice to see a little upbeat humor amongst the depressing job posts. Thanks.

I’m just looking for a decent job doing anything productive.

Check out my resume and let me know if anything comes to mind.


U want someone to find and kill Sarah Conner?


Wanting to know more about this job. I’m from downtown please contact me at XXXXXXX thanks. fabulous **gorgeous **respected *


Thank you :) this made me laugh my ass off, and I needed that.


You must of use the union terminator. Next time go non- union, they get the job done.


Ha ha thats some funny XXXX right.there


This is great!!! I’m in!!!


funny what kind of job is it? or is it a joke


I am the terminator

No really. I think I can do this.