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January 04, 2012

Legendary comedy clips are easier on the web. Of course – you already know this. But really, what’s the point in watching comedy anywhere else unless it’s a sitcom or some other sequential comedy show?

There really is no point watching comedy sketch shows – or comedy clips anywhere else; why waste your time?

Let me explain…

The Fast Show coming back exclusively on the web may yet herald the start of something big in the comedy world. We all already watch our favourite comedy clips on YouTube and the like – there are countless other video upload sites but YouTube clearly stole the march – and we prefer dip in and out when we want to, just searching for our favourite characters for a five minute comedy break during the course of a busy day.

So it really may be the start of a new wave of comedy just as the show itself was, in fact, during the mid 1990s when it was first launched.

So if you’re taking a five minute coffee break during the course of a busy working day and you want to watch a quick video clip of your favourite Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer sketch; then why not? You want to dip in and out for a quick moment of light relief.

You don’t necessarily want to sit down and watch the whole show anyway. Many of us already don’t watch a lot of TV if it’s ‘as live’, as it were; we prefer to watch things back and whack quickly through the bits we aren’t interested in.

So it is with comedy – and particularly comedy sketch shows on the web.

If I love The Fast Show’s Bob Fleming, for example, but am not too interested in the Jazz Show or Dave Angle Eco Warrior (perish the thought by the way!) then  a quick web-based video clip only is what I want.