Houston, Texas (HAHAJK) — With the way this season has gone for the Houston Astros maybe Manager Brad Mills should be using Head and Shoulders to avoid scratching himself at crucial times during games.

Mills asks some Astros players for some coaching advice

The Astros’ manager claims that an ill-timed scratch of his head was indirectly responsible for his team losing a 6-5 game to the Colorado Rockies this past weekend.

According to Mills, it all started when his dandruff started to get a little itchy and his attempt at relief was misinterpreted as a steal sign.

“I have made a lot of mistakes this season,” he tells HAHAJK. “What’s one more?”

The Astros currently hold baseball’s worst record with a week to go in what has become a dismal season.

In the bottom of the ninth, the confused runner standing on third in scoring position saw the “signal” took off and was tagged out at home plate to end the game.

Jose Altuve told HAHAJK, “It seemed really really stupid, but he’s the manager. You know? Maybe that’s why we are the worst team in baseball this year.”

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