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August 14, 2008


Here's a bit I send to CNN for a bad writing contest but they'll probably won't put it up.So here it is for Funny or Die's Sakblabbath blog.

When Monty the python slithered up the glass weed pipe and stated his case why the serpent was set up by God in the Garden of Eden.That's the moment I realized that acid finally kicked in.This was my first trip but not my last trip.Too bad you don't get frequent flier miles on acid trips.Carlos Castaneda had boring acid trips talking to lizards with sewed-up mouths.Monty was far more clever and witty.
"Man,God made the serpent out to be the fall guy.First,why build a Tree of knowledge and a Tree for Life?Sure I suckered Eve with the temptation of being like God.But,who really wants to be like god?There's a lot of pressure with that gig.I tried it up in heaven and got me and my boys kicked out like a belligerent drunk 86'ed out a bar for drinking too much.Adam blamed Eve and eve passed the blame on me.But,God was the Mack daddy and played us all cause he's an ego-maniac!