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August 02, 2010

My family creates a chipmunk tortilla for a hungry coyote.

So we were camping and my dad was throwing bacon and tortillas at these chipmunks. it was like, 8 at night. My dad would usually just tear up the tortilla and toss it to the chipmunks, but, he was a little tipsy so he got a huge tortilla and threw it out the window at a chipmunk. The tortilla was so heavy it knocked out the chipmunk, so there was a chipmunk, unconcious, laying under a fat tortilla. My brother thought it would be funny to throw bacon on the tortilla, too, to make it a burrito. So everyone was adding food to it, such as grapes, hamburgers, cheese, chili, and whipped cream. All this food was laying on top of the chipmunk. Just when my brother threw on some scrambled eggs, some coyote just runs up and starts chowing down. Blood starts dripping from its mouth and i hear bone crunching. No one is laughing anymore. Once finished, the coyote looks at us, farts, and goes away. we just sit there for five minutes, staring at its leftovers. I finally get up, and say, "I told you so." Jeez, i hate coyotes. And i hate what beer can do to my dad, and what my dad can do to my siblings, and what the rest of my family can do to a poor little chipmunk :( R.I.P. Alvin.