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August 26, 2008


 My son just cracks me up.  Ever since he started talking he's never ceased to amaze me with what comes out of his mouth.  I know you other parents out there can certainly relate as kids have an uncanny ability to put things in perspective, usually not the obvious one.  About a year ago we had a bad storm come through and the power went out  at our house.  This was my son’s, age three, first power outage and he was  as much excited as nervous.  We gathered up all the candles in the house and lit them in the living room.  My wife and I discovered that we still have something to talk about after ten years of marriage; no television will do that to you.  The conversation wondered back to the subject of the storm and the power outage and we had forgotten that our personal court reporter was still in the room.  Speculating as to why the power went out I made the comment that a transformer must have blown up.  My son immediately began going from window to window looking out with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve.  When asked what he was so excited about he replied, " I sure hope it wasn't Megatron.....he's pretty tough!"  It took my wife and me a second to catch up with his imagination but when we did we had the best laugh.  I gave my kid a hug and told him thank you....even though he didn't understand why.