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July 17, 2009


Why Dick Cheney and the rest of the Bush-whacked Packs are still allowed to roam around free without Lo-jacks strapped to their ankles. They should not to go on legitimate news programs and/or networks. Keep their allegedly criminal ass on the right-wing bullshit factory known as Fox News. All of us half-way intelligent person that’s the proper place for verbal horse manure they like to spread throughout the reign of the court of The Demented Boy King known as George W. Bush.

In other countries like Iran and some African countries like I believe Kenya; people would out protesting in the streets. Where we just sat on our collective fat asses,(I’m including my fat ass as well), for 8 years. Playing Guitar Hero and other video games, watching Family Guy and other cartoon shows; worrying about Britney, Lindsay, Anna Nicole Smith, Jesus Dead Bones, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and a whole slew of shit don’t matters in the reality. Sure, I bitch and write blogs which in the words of Shakespeare, “Signify NOTHING!”

Dick Cheney and the rest of Bush Whackos need to be wearing orange jumpsuits and/or white straitjackets!

Do something, President Obama. Before, Bush’s cronies derail your presidency. It’s about time take our collective heads out of our prospective asses and fucking wake already up!!!