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October 06, 2015

Relocation is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever be faced with. It takes an awful lot to execute properly in terms of effort, time and planning. According to some surveys, moving house is among the 5 most stressful situations one can find themselves in.

Because there is so much involved in moving and so much that you have to take into account, the task will require great effort and careful planning. With that in mind, experts from Handy Moves London will show some of the most common mistakes people make during their home removal.

-Not enough time - planning and organisation of removals requires time. If you underestimate the process and rush it, that is definitely a recipe for disaster. Don’t underestimate the importance of small details that can make a huge difference. It is for this reason you need to start planning in advance and make a detailed schedule for every task, giving yourself some days in reserve.


-Packing everything - moving your home presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of some unwanted belongings. Be it old furniture, clothes, tools or practically anything that has been in your current home. People often hold on to items that have no real value and only keep them for sentimental reasons. That is a mistake, as moving those is extra work you can easily spare yourself by selling, donating or tossing out the items.


-Not preparing the new place - before you actually arrive with the moving van at your new home, it is a good idea to prepare it for your arrival first. Some sheets on the ground will prevent any mess. Always keep clutter at bay, especially around the door you will be bringing your stuff through.


-Not having enough boxes - moving boxes are the most convenient containers for storing your belongings during transportation. Having enough boxes is of extreme importance, as otherwise you will not be able to take everything with you and have to make a second trip, which is not always feasible. Acquire enough boxes and you will not be faced with such problems.


-Not labeling the boxes - if you just toss your belongings in the boxes and never take your time to label them, you are in for some unpacking chaos once you arrive at your new home. The only way to know where the contents of each box belong is to label in a way you understand. Put the label on each side, and you will be ok.


-Packing valuables along with everything - this is a terrible idea. You definitely want to keep a close watch on your valuable belongings such as money in cash, jewelry and documents. Those can easily get lost in the vast number of boxes during your removals and that would be a disaster for you.



-Ignoring the pets - pets may become quite stressed during the commotion of moving, packing and loading. Do not ignore them, for that would be very bad for them. Instead, try to keep their feeding and playing routines the same as much as possible. Be there for them during these difficult times.


-Not hiring the right company - hiring a moving company can really help you with relocation. Not only will they provide the means of transportation, but also help you load your belongings. Hiring a reliable mover is very important, as you don’t want to see your plans ruined. Ask for past history in the business and ensure the company you are choosing is going to get the job done without a problem.


-Doing everything on your own - even if you can pack and load everything on your own, you probably shouldn’t. That is an insane amount of work, which is best handled with the help of a friend, relative or a neighbor. The last thing you want is dropping a heavy piece of furniture on your toes during removals. Don’t forget that you will also have to arrange everything in your new home, so work doesn’t end with loading your belongings on the vehicle.


-Improper transportation - be very careful how you arrange your belongings on the vehicle. Load your items and furniture pieces carefully, else you risk seeing them broken or damaged.


Take heed and avoid these moving mistakes at all costs. Knowing what to be mindful about can get you through the difficulties of moving homes.