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February 20, 2017

Don, if you'll just act like a human being I might listen to you.

This is another one of my open letters to Don Trump and as before, I’m not going to call you Donald because that is the name of a duck, nor am I going to call you “The Donald,” because that’s stupid that’s showing off, and you’ve done enough of that.

That’s like me calling myself Master Jonathan.


Now Don, I said when you took office I was going to do my best if not to try and like you then at least tolerate you for four years, but you’re making it extremely difficult for me. Once again as I said before, you don’t know me and to you I’m a loser because unlike you I didn’t inherit millions from my father and use it to talk other people out of their money and avoid paying taxes which you call patriotic and one reason why you won’t release your tax forms.

You don’t want me to find out.

We could also see your dealings with the Russians, but that’s another story and I won’t waste space.

First of all, stop smirking. Now write it on the blackboard Don 300 times…I will not smirk…I will not smirk.

You see, when you smirk it makes me want to hate your guts. And you said you were going to unite people. I don’t want that to join your other lies that amount to about 85 percent of all the things you say.

Get a picture of Jesus Christ. In all the representations of Christ (and no he doesn’t look like you or a blonde Brad Pitt), in all those pictures, have you ever seen Christ smirk? No. Not at all. Not once. Christ looks like he is suffering. Christ looks earnest, which builds empathy.

Why can’t you look this way Don? Your other panoply of looks, anger, mockery, rolling your eyes in a malicious way, are the real you, but unless you want more than just rednecks and haters to respect you, you must practice something that is foreign to your nature…..integrity….and humility.

Now go to the bathroom mirror Don and practice looking ernest.In case you don’t know what that word means, it means having depth, seriousness and genuineness, instead of shallow, mocking, snarling and petty.

I know these are hard to learn. But you can learn, one way is to read one of Mark Twain’s masterpieces (ie. Connecticut Yankee and Tom Sawyer), which often dealt with issues of integrity, courage and the opposite,being a phony.

You see Don if you want people to be enthusiastic about you and your policies you have to reach beyond just appealing to haters who want to get revenge on the country for what they believe its exclusion of them, you know, many of them white guys who resent blacks, gays, uppity women (Rosie O’Donnell), immigrants and the rest.

Don, you can’t fragment the country into winners and losers if you want to get anything done and using the media as a scapegoat by whipping up hatred against a free press that asks you impertinent and sometime inconvenient questions. Don, Don, Don! You have to rise above it.

Let me give you an example. Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as our greatest president. I won’t go over his achievements except to say that a cabinet official who once called him a “Baboon” Lincoln still appointed to high office because the official was the best person for the job and Lincoln knew this and was able to rise above petty spite. If it was you Don you’d call the guy a “Waste of skin” and insult his wife as a “Fat Cow” for good measure.

Don’t do it Don. Don’t! The more the media and Saturday Night Live pick on you and the more you take it with generosity, the more the public will develop some sympathy and support for you.

You have to understand Don what up until now has been a foreign concept for you, that the measure of a man is not how much he can parade around and act the big guy and boast and taunt and make faces. The measure of a man comes from quiet resolve and restraint. Look at your own VP Pence. I don’t like his policies but I can at least listen to him.

I’m not gonna listen to you not unless you change. We don’t have to be a divided and mean-spirited country Don. Not if you will reject it.The issue is up to you. It’s in your chair.