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May 29, 2012

It doesn't really need a description, it's clearly me journaling my last month as a native Clevelander.

   My name is Mychelle Vasvary. I am a redheaded 29-year old that has lived in Cleveland, Ohio her entire life. I went to college, I've had 3 serious ex-boyfriends and my Mom still calls me "sweetie" and makes me chicken paprikash in tupperware containers. I sound boring, I'm not. 
    After much thought and enjoying being fired, having my roommate ditch me, my cable being turned off and I lost my yoga mat, I decided to pack up the remains and head to Los Angeles in an effort to be near the fucking weirdos that I believe are more my kind of freakos, not to mention, they have good pot. 
  I leave in exactly 30 days. I will document some fucked up shit that will happen while I'm still in the land of rock n' roll and fallen professional sports teams. I mean, fuck, we still don't have an IKEA. 
   I'll start with the free clinic in downtown Cleveland, I hear we have a good one. I have a walk-in appointment scheduled for 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. Does anyone need fresh syringes? I'm taking requests for the rest of the afternoon, just let me know. 
Go Browns!