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April 14, 2010


MadLibs.jpgWhen I was a kid there was this book called "Mad Libs" that everyone was crazy about. These books would tell stories & leave empty spaces where they felt a noun or verb should be. In my fourth grade English class the teacher (Mrs. Klein) made photocopies of pages from this book, and had us fill them out. I thought it was awesome. I remember all the kids putting "Poop" & "Barf" for nouns, and "Pooping" & "Barfing" for verbs. I remember wanting to get my own Mad Libs book (and issues of MAD & Cracked) but my parents  told me that they were too expensive. This was daunting for me, but instead of selling crack for the money to buy it, I simply created my own Mad Libs. Meaning, I'd construct my own stories & leave open spaces for me to put "poop" & "barf" in. There's nothing funny about this blog, it's just merely me remembering how I got into writing.