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April 08, 2009


Inspired by WSS's success, I thought I would give a celebrity photo a try.

MacSpruce writes:

Quality haikus
Humorous and inventive
Make it tough to judge

For dry humor, jason2k1:
Excuse me Madame,
Clothes are left out here to dry,
Not to get wetter.
(I beg to differ, Sir, the wetter the better!)

For infectious humor, NoelleD:
Chronic infections
Must change fabric softener
Or wipe front to back
(Or change undies at least once a week!)

Bodacious Bronze, buttermilk:
The fashionable
don't wear shirts under zippers.
Rolled socks go better.
(It was just a lint trap!)

Salacious Silver, Gerhardguffaw:
Why do we assume
That they are men's jeans hanging
Could Levi be gay?
(Do ask, do tell ... better yet, show and tell!)

Good gracious Gold, LeatherShorts:
Thong socks blouse and pants
Just doesn't make any sense
Ooohhh, Hermaphrodite
(Ah! The best of both worlds!)