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March 28, 2016

The amount of hard-boiled eggs Kendall Jenner eats might surprise you!

Inspired by New York Magazine’s Grub Street Food Diet, we present a new column, “Celebrity Food Diaries.” Celebrities write down everything they eat over one week. Our first celebrity guest is current Vogue cover model and Instagram star, Kendall Jenner.

Thursday, March 10

Today I have to be at LAX at 6 a.m. for a Marc Jacobs fitting in New York. I don’t have a lot of time to eat breakfast, but I basically have the same thing for breakfast every morning: one hard-boiled egg.

On the way to Marc’s studio, I grab lunch at one of my favorite Manhattan places. It’s called Marie’s and I got myself two hard-boiled eggs. They were done to perfection. Marie’s knows what’s up.

I met up with Justin Bieber for dinner. There were 10 of us at Carbone. Justin ordered all kinds of steak and pasta for the table, and he also ordered me a giant plate of hard-boiled eggs, cuz he’s such a thoughtful friend. I ate like, 15 of them I was so hungry from the shoot.


Justin Bieber knows how to party!!!!

Friday, March 11th

I had an early meeting with Tori Burch so I just housed a hard-boiled egg.

I didn’t eat lunch on my trip back to L.A. Starbucks was out of those snack packs that have the hard-boiled eggs in them.

I’ve been so busy lately I decided to stay in and cook dinner for myself. I boiled a pot of water and hard-boiled a dozen eggs. Then, I actually peeled six of them myself. I don’t get to cook so often so I’m all like, “Look at me! I’m a chef!”

Saturday, March 12th

I ate, surprise surprise, a leftover hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

For dinner I met up with Gigi Hadid at this new cocktail place that’s supposed to be to die for called Town and Bee in West Hollywood. I was so freaking disappointed. They didn’t have one hard-boiled egg-based cocktail on their menu. Like, what?

Sunday, March 13th

My guilty pleasure on Sundays is to stay in and order Seamless. The first time I tried to order off Seamless I didn’t understand it cuz there was no hard-boiled egg restaurant? I hate using my celebrity to get stuff, but we worked something out where I have a special Seamless app just for hard-boiled eggs.

I went over to Kim and Kanye’s for dinner. I was feeling a little adventurous. I tried cut-up hard-boiled eggs. They were actually pretty good!


I went totally crazy at Kim and Kanye’s!!!!

Monday, March 14th

I woke up early to go to a doctor’s appointment, and yeah, you guessed it, I had my routine hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

The doctor went great — he’s always all like, “I can’t believe you only ever eat hard-boiled eggs and you’re this healthy. I don’t know how your body is doing what it’s doing — I can’t find anything wrong with you.”

For dinner, it was Gigi’s birthday, so we went to Drai’s Hollywood and we had the VIP section all to ourselves. Things definitely got a little fuzzy at the end of the night, I must have had like 40 eggs, but I know I had my driver stop off at one of my fave diners on the way home so we could wash it all down with some good drunk food — another hard-boiled egg for me.


OMG VIP section!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15th

Oh. My. God. I wake up with a terrible egg hangover. I eat an HB for breakfast — hair of the dog.

Then I met Calvin Klein at Soho House for lunch. I’m a regular there. I love their presentation — they designed a specialty egg-rack just for me.


Soho House special treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinner tonight was special. My boyfriend Harry and I were finally going to be in the same place again at the same time, so I hired David Chang to cook us a private dinner! It was amazing — he brought out course after course of hard-boiled eggs. He wanted to do all this elaborate stuff like poach the eggs or even scramble them, but I just felt like I wasn’t paying him $10,000 to make food I know I’m not going to like, you know? Needless to say, Harry loved it.

When we first started dating, Harry thought it was weird that I love hard-boiled eggs so much, but then he was like, “You’re so hot I don’t even care.” Isn’t that cute? I truly am blessed.