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July 16, 2012

Rapists across the country were elated after comedian Daniel Tosh told several rape jokes to an audience at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood last week.

Rapists across the country were elated last week after comedian Daniel Tosh performed several rape jokes for a full audience at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Despite the vehement public backlash Tosh's performance has ignited, rapists say it constitutes a long-awaited understanding of rape's comedic value.

"Tosh has become a hero in the rape community," said Los Angeles based rapist Jeff Conners. "For years, my work has been misunderstood and misrepresented by women who can’t take a joke at knife-point."

Date-rape connoisseur Greg Matthews says that "what makes rape such fertile comedic ground is that no one gets hurt. Seeing a guy slip on a banana peel isn’t funny. He could be seriously injured. But who doesn’t love a great forced insertion gag?"

“When someone tells me a funny joke, I can’t help but laugh,” Matthews continued. "Likewise, rape is really just non-consensual comedy. That’s what makes Tosh so great. He knows you secretly want his jokes, and he’ll make you take them."

But when told the full breadth of Tosh's comments, directed at a female audience member, Matthews wavered, saying, "Really? He said she should be raped by five or six guys? Right there in the club? That shit’s not funny."