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October 03, 2008


Based on her debate with Joe Biden on Thursday night. we can predict with confidence that this woman will be president one day. Sarah Palin answered questions incorrectly or not at all, without shame. She combined the intellectual confidence of Rhodes Scholar with the intellect of a University of Idaho drop out.

Remember when Paris Hilton's sex tape was released? We thought Paris would be embarrassed and humiliated? Maybe stop being such a dumb, rich slut. Instead, she redeemed herself on SNL and began a film career. Soon after came Britney's crotch, then Lindsay's- neither of them embarrassed. Sarah Palin's debate performance was the political equivalent of Paris Hilton's sex tape. She should be humiliated by it, but she's not.

Which is why Trig needs to be rescued.


That little baby is the cutest thing on earth. Yet, Sarah Palin keeps dragging him onstage when he should be asleep because he activates the hormones of "the base." We can't be silent any longer. Give him to us. At 23/6, Trig is as loved as his mother is despised. Let us raise Trig. We don't want to be president. We promise Trig will never have to drool through another John McCain speech. We will raise him as our own and probably turn him into our best comedy writer.

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