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August 24, 2008


I love to laugh, not just giggle or snicker but an all out laugh.  When something strikes me as particularly funny it makes an indelible imprint on my mind.  This is such a wonderful thing as these imprints form a sort of rolodex, playlist for you ipod generation, of funny from which I can draw upon at my choosing.  Now when I say imprint I'm not just talking visual, Farley in spandex, because I like my brain to be tickled as well......( come to think of it I can't recall a smell that 's ever made me cry in the good way)....Anyhow what I've come to love most about comedy and humor in general is what others see as being funny and the insight we can gain from their perspective of the world.  To me nothing illustrates this more than the FOD site.  It's been a while since I've genuinely looked foreward to logging on to a particular site on a daily basis for nothing more than the enjoyment I get out of it......I'll relegate porn to it's own category of provisional sites for the sake of this blog.  So I write this short, and my first, blog to those who have kindly taken the time to read it and encourage you all to remember to see the funny, make the funny, and keep the funny!