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March 22, 2008


and watch reruns of 'the colbert report' because stephen colbert makes me feel better about the world. just the fact the he is allowed to exist and perform and succeed as he is...well it's important. he's important, probably more than even he knows. he's like oprah for slacker gen-xers, except he only gives away the truth(iness). he is the only comic (and he'd rip me a new one for calling him a 'comic', but let's be real here) who is, publicly, only on the side of funny. yes he has his ultra conservative character, but he uses it to make anyone who takes themselves too seriously look like a retard trying to hump a doorknob. only three times have i seen him be made to look foolish unintentionally and one of those was when jane fonda just kept making out with him, which hardly counts (how foolish can one look kissing one of the classic beauties of this century...and if you wanna argue that point, go watch barbarella and tell me fonda in her space outfit doesn't make you hard). he is nigh unflappable. also, he is one of the few people in any forum that can get people motivated to get things done. yeah, right now it's silly stuff, but he's keeping people involved. making them feel like they are a part of something...something fun and good. or at the very least something entertaining enough to kill a half hour of another pointless day. if he can keep his act fresh and funny without GWB making an ass of the USA on a weekly basis, he will find his place in history with the greatest comics of all time, except he has something no one else has, the ear of an entire nation...the colbert nation.

i guess that's something