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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
John Carroll & Nick Klinger
This originally appeared at Carroll ünd Klinger. During the 2013 Super Bowl, Tracy Morgan introduced the world to Mio Fit, a drink mix that promised to be healthy and energizing when added to water. Many mocked the company’s hiring of the portly Morgan for an allegedly “healthy” product. recently acquired a memo that lists the pitchmen Mio Fit considered before ultimately landing on Morgan. Here it is, unedited: MEMO TO: Richard Larason, CEO FROM: Hank Verano, Marketing (Talent Relations) RE: Mio Fit Pitchmen Mr. Larason: My team and I would like to submit the below list of potential Mio Fit pitchmen for your consideration. They are ranked from our top targets to our safety picks. With your approval, we will begin approaching their representation immediately. George Clooney Kermit the Frog Sean Penn Scarlet Johansson Jennifer Aniston Thom Yorke Tom Cruise Leslie Knope Katy Perry Julia Roberts Heath Ledger Dr. Phil Michelle Obama Barack Obama Jennifer Love Hewitt Tom Green That Dog from The Artist Wanda Sykes John Stamos Malia Obama Tiger Woods Mel Gibson Nick Lachey Mario Lopez Sarah Palin Dave Coulier Tracy Morgan Molly Shannon Martin Landau Biff Henderson Best regards, Hank This originally appeared at Carroll ünd Klinger.