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February 13, 2009


Original Myspace Blog Post: 2008

Sluts have a bad reputation. Like slutty girls are terrible people because they are doing what they were put on this Earth to do... skank the fuck out of everything. Does anyone notice the sacrifices they make? Nope... and why do they slut? Because they fucking care that's why. Everyone needs to get laid. Even ugly people and internet bloggers (Hzahh!). Sluts, fortunately never discriminate thanks to dad's friend Larry that normalized sex for them at a very early age. They accept all the people that would otherwise never be accepted... and by "accept" I mean FUCK. Not only will they do you but they will do you right away! No waiting for the "right" time. NOW is always the right time for guys and sluts are the geniuses that both figure it out and accept it. They know you don't want to talk. They acknowledge you would prefer being showered and in bed by 9pm and they are willing to make sure that happens! Doesn't anyone realize how much better the world is because of sluts?

Sluts are what keep dreams from dying. They are what make a quitter into a fighter, a pessimist into an optimist. Sluts possess a secret weapon to create the ultimate boost in self esteem. They always make you feel like they're NOT a slut. They make you feel special. They assure you (while trying to convince themselves) that they never ever do "stuff like this". Do you see the beauty in that? We're special! We're so irresistible that this fine young lady... this fine young nearly virginal lady just could not resist! She was so convinced that there was 300cc's of "special" inside of our bag and she just had to get it out no matter how dirty she felt! We're always convinced and it's always the best feeling in the world. The sky is truly the limit after a slut works her vaginal magic... or "Vagic" as I have just now christened it.

    Now please; none of this is aimed at anyone. I never know who a slut is and who isn't. That's the key... nobody wants to know that the girl they were just with swings from cock to cock like Tarzan on a meth binge. This is why I salute you sluts... you make the world a better place and hopefully this little blog puts you in higher standing amongst my many (both) readers! I love you all... especially your vaginas...