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February 14, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #17

IT'S "Elmer and June and Pam too!"


9. Elmer's philosophy: "It's quantity not quality."
8. They not only sing, they're 3 remaining members of the Haystack, Montana Nudist Colony. They started with 37. They've been open a week.
Later they'll be swapping Elmer's glue.
7. It’s on Heart Warming Records®, because they KNOW how hard you’re going to beat off to it.
6. Pam supplies the lubricant (it's one of those brand name jokes).
5. Elmer.: Accordion and Tibetan Throat-Singing.
June.: Recorder and Knee-Cymbals.
Pam.: Pills, Stripping and Blackouts.
4. Noo! If I've told them once, I've told them a thousand times, "don't let Pam into the studio"! She doesn't do anything! She just stands there all weird & stuff! Dang.
3. And we support the National Down Syndrome Society. Right, Pam?
2. Elmer loved June but Pam licked his Anus

1. June seriously questioned her role on the album after her contributions were reduced to recording backup vocals consisting of lyrics like "?? oooh yeah Elmer / we should caaalll you Boar's Head / 'cause you deliver the Ham / to your best customer Pam ??"