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May 16, 2016

There are many ways to be more eco-friendly in your life. Here are the 6 basics you can follow.

6 Ways of a Nature-Friendly Life in 2016

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It has been a few years now since the most discussed topic is a healthy life. Living close to nature and eating GMO-free food become the goal of millions of people from all over the world. They changed their lives in countless ways and helped others to follow them. The eco-friendly living reached to the point where people gave up all kinds of cleaning solutions and started using only natural cleaning methods like soda and lemon juice. This may seem beneficial to the environment, but it is not so good to the health. When detergents are not used in the domestic cleaning or in any cleaning in general, the harmful bacteria multiply and the mould grows rapidly. This may cause sickness and allergies, not to mention the inevitable infestation by bugs and rodents.
But how can we be nature-friendly and be healthy?

Well, people have thought about that long ago. We have to start from the large things on the list and continue to the smallest. By changing just a few things in our everyday life we can improve our health and help protect the environment.

Here is how:

Houses and Cities

Living in homes made of all natural and renewable resources can help protect the environment. Choosing materials like wood, glass, stone, and their recycled versions can save great amount of resources. Architects create more and more green self-sustained buildings and houses. There are entire communities designed and built to consume the less resources possible.

The renewable natural sources of power like solar, wind and water power are efficient enough to satisfy the daily needs of the consumers. They do not pollute the environment and the waste of energy is low.

Cars and Transport

The modern life is impossible without means of transportation. With the progress of the society, the need to cross a great distance between home and workplace has increased. Most of the people all over the world use some sort of transportation each day. The air pollution is so strong in some cities that it becomes impossible to see.

Engineers and scientists work on the solution to this problem. The new transport they create consumes less power, pollutes less and uses nature’s resources to run. The parts of the transport are made of alloys and materials that are easily recyclable and are not hazardous to the human health or nature. One of the best examples is the new Tesla.

Cleaning Chemistry

Domestic cleaning is another factor that increases the damage of the environment. All detergents and chemical solutions we use at home or in commercial cleaning are washed away with water. They enter the water cycle and even the purification systems can’t remove them completely.

Being surrounded by dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and mould, we need to fight them with another type of chemistry. The use of domestic cleaning solutions can help us on the matter. Still, we must keep in mind that they are also harmful to us. The best decision is to use more natural cleaning solutions like lemon, vinegar or soda in our everyday life and use the detergents couple of times a month.

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High-tech Most people don’t know, but the appliances consume energy even when they do not work. Simply by being connected to the power, the appliance will draw energy and increase your bill. There is no need to panic. This consumption is small but constant. All you have to do is turn off the appliances you don’t use every day. Like the standing mixer, the popcorn machine or any other gizmo. One small tip to prolong the life of your mobile devices and laptop is to leave them while they charge and disconnect the charger as soon as the device is 100% power up. Another tip you can apply to your household is to turn off the lights when you are not in the room.

If you are one of those people who live far from the city, you can always depend on solar panels, wind turbines and water pumps to warm and light your home.

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Clothes and Shoes

It is impossible to believe, but the clothes we wear and the cosmetics we use can also cause trouble to nature. The synthetic clothes, like plastic bags and cups, are hard to recycle and it takes a long time to disintegrate. It is good for the health and for the environment to use natural fabrics made of cotton, silk, wool and leather. There is no danger that more animals will be harmed than now. At the current state the animal products, our ancestors used for clothing are being destroyed or redirected to another use simply because the clothing industry prefers to use cheaper synthetic materials.

The extra negative of using fake materials is that the body is not well protected and can’t control the body heat. Do you remember all times when you were cold no matter how many layers of clothes you had? How about the time when in the summer you wear a simple dress or pants and shirt, but you are dying out of the heat. Most of the times this is because of the synthetic fabric of your clothes.


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When we talk about cosmetics we should not forget that even the beauty products are mainly chemistry. It is true that there are often used extracts of different flowers, but they are a small amount. Do not be in a hurry to throw away all your makeup! And do not think that by using cosmetics you are signing your death sentence.

The tip here, just like with the cleaning chemistry, is temperance. It is best to use all natural cosmetic product that works for you, but remember that less is more. The extra advice is to keep in mind also, that a healthy person is a beautiful person. That is why when you take care of your health, you will inevitably look beautiful.

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