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Published September 29, 2011

I Just want to take the time thank all of you owners of big biz "The C.O.O's" out there for down sizing when times get tight for everone but you and your "people", but not having a job gives me time to drink and f*cking hate life. Allso i now have the time to find a away to "bring down the man." Mit was right Big Biz are people and these "people" if you want to call them a person, (being that they have no souls.) An i allso need to thank you for holding all the worlds money so you can piss it away doing what ever the hell you feel like doing. O there is more to give thanks  for such as being a major hand in keep wars alive and poverty at a all time high. Go Big Biz. Just Keep Siting on all the worlds money an allways pass it down in the bloodlines, as the rest of us pass around that 1% of money that some way leaked out with out you knowing. An one more thanks goes out for showing us what it looks like to be happy and that we will never turly have it in this world because big biz is around to stay.

Thanks Big Bro for sweeping it under the rug for us as allways.

Love 99% of  Planet Earth.

P.S The Devil Called an he said your taking it to far.