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August 24, 2008


Hey y'all, Well most of us came through the storm with our teeth in. Roy Ray lost another shed. I think it was the one he kept the coyotes in. A tree blew over in Dottie's yard and missed Roy Ray's truck by about inch (pronounced "eench"). Everyone had massive hangovers from the Alegrias hurricane party but a good time was had by all. Gene disappeared. It was his first big storm and all. Apparently, he borrowed Dottie's car without mentioning it to her and went into town (the city). Whatever he did there must'a been fun, 'cause he didn't come back to Panther County for two nights. Dottie said that when he crawled into her place, he looked kind'a dreamy like but won't tell where he'd been. Haven't heard from the rest of the bunch, Tupid and Miss Luann. But when I do...I will let you know.

Oh, yeah, Big Bobby and Little Jackie's chicken poop reactor business is on hold since the only machine they had blew up when the lights came back on. We had bad power outages for a couple days. Ronnie still thinks Bobby and Jackie are really brother and sister and shouldn't be...ah...falling in love and stuff.

More later from Panther County.