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Published February 19, 2010 More Info ยป
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Published February 19, 2010
Today's picture is brought to you courtesy of "What the Fuck????"Thanks to ClayJunky for guest judging. Here are the haikus that tickled his funny boner:GOLD Amy4BirdsLittle Jack RussellGot the best of the humanAnd fucked his wife, too(I liked imagining a jack russell actually fucking some chick...i'm twisted )SILVERGerhardguffawWhat a bad humanHe drops a deuce and pisseson my new carpet!(when I see 'drops a deuce' I'm just filled with joy- I don't know why, perhaps because my Crohn's ass spends so much time dropping deuces..IDK)BRONZEWilliboyTHE FLEXIBLE MANSTAYS IN HIS CAGE FRIDAY NIGHTSAND SUCKS HIMSELF OFF