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March 29, 2010


I found an interesting picture online a few weeks ago, I’ve been “sitting on it” ever since, debating whether it was “appropriate” for this solemn forum. There were many Pros and Cons to consider, and I don’t just mean the whores and criminals who frequent this site (Brrrump-Crash!), but also the positive and negative consequences of potentially “outing” someone we may all know and mutually loathe. On the one hand, actually seeing the reality of his depravity may cause him to re-examine the deluded assumptions and poor choices that have led him to this despicable state. On the other hand, he probably doesn’t care, there may be more than one of him, and… this may give some of the more borderline cases here – fresh ideas!

After careful consideration, I’ve made my decision…



YIKES!!! Talk about boldly going where no one has gone before! As I alluded above, I'm pretty sure we know who this guy is, but you may have other opinions - please FEEL FREE!! You know he does... I'm just sayin'..